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1.Wire harness design engineer

Number of recruits: 5

Releasedate: 2020-01-12 deadline: 2021-12-30

Operating duty:

1. is responsible for the development and design of new energy and new cases, the feasibility analysis report of mass production and the development of the development plan.

2. is responsible for the design and drawing of the 3D and 2D drawings of the new case harness system.

3.responsible for the selection, sealing and certification of the parts of the new case.

4.technical improvement and quality improvement of wire harness problem based on market and production feedback.

5. is responsible for the collection and summary of the drawings and technical documents in the process of the development of the new cases.


1.college or above, not limited to men andwomen;

2.mechanical design, mechanical andelectrical integration, electrical automationand other related major;

3. be familiar with the development processand design requirements of the equipment wiring harness.

4.skillful operation of CAD drawing software;

5.experience in wiring harness design ispreferred.


2.business Commissioner

Numberof recruits: 5

Releasedate: 2020-01-12 deadline: 2021-12-30

Operating duty:

1.responsible for the sales and promotion ofthe company's products;

2. to develop new markets, to develop new customers and to increase the range of sales of products.

3. is responsible for the collection of market information and the analysis of competitors.

4.management and maintenance of customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation between customers;


1.college or above, not limited to men and women;

2.Business English major is preferred;

3.have strong market analysis, marketing,promotion ability and good interpersonal communication and coordination ability.

4.quick reaction, strong expression, strong sense of responsibility, can with stand greater work pressure;

5. the online beam industry has given priorityto sales, engineering, and product management for more than two years.


3.General manager special assistance

Recruitmentnumber: 1 people

Releasedate: 2020-01-12 deadline: 2021-12-3

Job description:

1,assist the general manager in formulating strategic planning, annual managementplan and the decomposition of work goalsat various stages.

2.Follow up the business objectives of the company and provide suggestions foranalysis and improvement.

3,provide the general manager with specific solutions in the company's businessplan, sales strategy, capital operation and soon.

4.Cooperate with the general manager to deal with the external relations and participate in the planning, organization and arrangement of the large publicrelations activities of the company.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor's degree or above in public relations, administrative management,enterprise management and other related majors;

2,with rich management experience, it is able to quickly grasp all kinds of knowledge related to the company's business

3. It has strong ability of organization, coordinationand communication, and has strong ability to judge, plan and execute.

4, can adapt to the long-term business, the driver has a priority;

4: Produce Control

Numberof recruits: 2

Releasedate: 2020-01-12 deadline: 2021-12-30


1.Produce the production plan according to the sales order and production condition, and carry out the manufacture department after approval.

2.Adjust the production schedule in time and monitor the production schedule inaccordance with the production schedule to ensure the plan completion rate.

3,monitor the completion schedule of production order


1.with strong coordination, communication ability, easy andresolute, good organization and coordination ability;

2. Ithas strong logical thinking ability and executive ability.

3.computer skilled operation, related work experience for more than 1 years, willuse ERP;

4. The working experience of the cable industry is preferred.



Numberof recruits: 2

Releasedate: 2020-09-12 deadline: 2021-12-30


1,assist the purchasing manager to do a goodjob of daily purchase.

2, carry out the market survey, including: the collection and investigation of market information and supplier information;

3,carry out the procurement task according tothe process, including: inquiry,price, order, negotiation of purchase contractand so on.

4.Execute the purchase contract order, the material acceptance and the payment process, and carry out the follow-up work.

5,maintain and evaluate existing suppliers,collect information from potential suppliers, and continue to develop new suppliers.

6,complete various reports on shipments, costcontrol and discounts, and provideand preserve the record of purchasing information.

7.Management of supplier data and product data.



1.College degree or above;

2,understand the related market trends and prices;

3,quick thinking, good communication and affinity;

4,master the application of relevant office software and management software;

5,require hard work, conscientious and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility;have a strong team spirit.


Contact:Miss liu

Contactphone: (0794) -7880666


Address:  2nd Floor,BuildingC, Gongtang Road, Luzhi Town, Wuzhong District,Suzhou City

Interviewaddress: (ibid.)

Interviewnote: Please bring in the original identity card,educational background, theoriginal degree certificate, 3 pieces of one inchphoto.

Companyinterview time:

Morning:08:00-12:00 afternoon: 13:00-17:00

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