Implementing Scheme of Purchasing Personnel Performance Apprai

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Implementing Scheme of Purchasing Personnel Performance Appraisal

How to Assess the Performance of Purchasers
Assessment is not only the main means to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, but also the main means to prevent non-professional behavior in business activities, as well as in procurement management. It can be said that performance appraisal is the most powerful weapon to prevent laziness in purchasing. A good performance appraisal can achieve such an effect: purchasing personnel must subjectively consider the interests of the company, objectively must serve the interests of the company, there is no room for personal profit.
How to evaluate the performance of purchasing personnel? Multinational companies have many mature experience to learn from, among which the essence is to quantify business objectives and grade evaluation. Every six months, multinational companies focus on performance appraisal and career planning. For the staff of procurement department, it is to review and evaluate the performance of procurement management and to formulate future goals. In the assessment, two sets of indicators are used alternately, namely, the business indicators system and the personal quality indicators system.

The business index system mainly includes:
(1) Is the procurement cost reduced? Is it possible to maintain the original cost level in the seller's market?
(2) Is the procurement quality improved? Is the loss caused by quality accidents effectively controlled?
(3) Does the supplier's service add value?
(4) Does procurement effectively support other sectors, especially the operating sector?
(5) Has the level and skills of procurement management been improved?
Of course, these indicators can be further refined. For example, procurement cost can be subdivided into purchase cost, transportation cost, abandonment cost, order cost, time limit cost, warehousing cost and so on. These indicators are quantified one by one, and compared with the same indicators in the previous half year, the comprehensive evaluation is business performance.

Purchasing Staff Performance Appraisal Scheme

I. purpose
In order to implement the enterprise performance appraisal management system, comprehensively evaluate the performance of purchasing personnel, ensure the realization of business objectives, and provide accurate and objective basis for staff salary adjustment, education and training, promotion, etc., the implementation plan of purchasing personnel performance appraisal is specially formulated.

II. Follow the Principles
(1) The principle of clarity and openness
The evaluation criteria, procedures and responsibilities should be clearly defined, and they should be observed in the evaluation. At the same time, the evaluation criteria, procedures and regulations for the persons responsible for the evaluation should be made public to all employees within the enterprise.

(2) Principles of objective evaluation
Clearly stipulated evaluation criteria, evaluation of objective evaluation data, avoid incorporating subjectivity and emotional color. In order to "speak with facts", evaluation must be based on objective facts.  Secondly, it is necessary to compare the examinee with the established criteria, rather than between people.

(3) The principle of difference
There should be distinct distinctive boundaries between assessment levels. Different evaluation comments should reflect distinct differences in salary, promotion and use, so that the evaluation can be stimulating and motivate employees to make progress.

(4) Feedback Principle
The evaluation results (comments) must be fed back to the examinee himself. In the meantime, we should explain the comments to the assessed, affirm the achievements and progress, explain the shortcomings, and provide the reference opinions on the direction of future efforts.

Scope of application
Applicable to the purchasing department personnel of the enterprise, except the following personnel.
Employees who enter the enterprise after the beginning of the assessment period.
(2) Persons who have been absent from work for more than 30 consecutive days for personal reasons, illness or injury.
(3) Those who have been absent from work for more than seventy-five consecutive days due to public injury.
(4) Those who have retired on the date of implementation of the assessment, although they are in office during the assessment period.

IV. Members of the Performance Appraisal Group
The Human Resources Department is responsible for the overall work of organizing performance appraisal. Its main members include human resources manager, purchasing manager, purchasing manager, performance appraisal specialist of human resources department and general staff of human resources department.

V. Implementation of Purchasing Performance Appraisal
(1) Performance appraisal indicators for procurement personnel
The performance appraisal of purchasing personnel is carried out in a timely, appropriate, appropriate, appropriate price and place manner, and the quantitative indicators are used as the criteria of appraisal.  Mainly use the five indicators of procurement time, procurement quality, procurement quantity, procurement price and procurement efficiency to evaluate the performance of procurement personnel. Quantitative indicators are shown in the table below.

(2) Performance appraisal cycle
The purchasing manager has a clear record and impression of the short-term work output and timely evaluation and feedback of the work output, which is conducive to timely improvement of the work, monthly assessment cycle; for the surrounding performance indicators, quarterly or annual assessment.

(3) Performance appraisal methods and explanations
The performance appraisal of purchasing personnel adopts the combination of quantitative indicators and daily performance appraisal, which accounts for 70% of the appraisal and 30% of the daily performance appraisal. The sum of the two assessments is the performance of purchasing personnel. The calculation method of performance appraisal for purchasing personnel is as follows:
Purchasing personnel performance appraisal score = comprehensive appraisal score of quantitative indicators * 70% + daily performance * 30%.

(4) Implementation of performance appraisal
The staff of the performance appraisal group carry out the appraisal according to the actual work situation of the staff. The staff themselves submit their work reports during the appraisal period to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department summarizes and counts the results, and informs the examinee themselves of the appraisal results in the performance feedback stage.

(5) Application of assessment results
The results of the assessment are divided into five levels (see table for the criteria for division). The results are bonus payment, salary adjustment, staff training and post adjustment of the Ministry of Human Resources.