Run for love, go together with blue. 2018 raise Autism Awarene

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From December 18, 2007, the United NationsGeneral Assembly, through resolution 62/139, stipulated that from 2008 to April2nd each year was defined as "World Autism Awareness Day (also known asautism)", which has been eleventh years since this year. According tostatistics, in early twenty-first Century, there were 13 million children withautism, and the number of autism patients in the world has reached 67 million.The patients with autism showed an obvious trend of growth. Because the causeof the disease was unknown, it was not curable. The social problems caused byautism became more and more prominent, which caused the attention and attentionof all circles of society.

From April 2, 2012, the world's largestautistic science and propaganda agency, AUTISM SPEAKS, the largest autisticnonprofit organization in the United States, called on the world's countries tolight blue lights in landmark buildings, and awaken society's attention toautism. By 2017, more than 1400 landmarks in 136 countries of the world hadmore than 1400 light blue lights. .

This year, "for running andblue," landing 2018 to improve Autism Awareness in the blue world ofSuzhou Railway Station, together with running enthusiasts and autisticfamilies, through each participant "light blue", let all walks oflife understand, accept and care for autistic children and their families. As amember of the society, Emperor Shuo technology has also joined the publicwelfare business.


     从2007年12月18日,联合国大会通过第62/139号决议规定,从2008年起,每年的4月2日被定位为“世界提高孤独症(也称自闭症)意识日”(World Autism Awareness Day),到今年已经是第11年了。据统计,我国21世纪初有1300万自闭症患儿,全球自闭症患者已经达到6700万。自闭症患者呈明显增长趋势,由于发病原因不明,并不可治愈,因孤独症而导致的社会问题日益凸显,引起了社会各界的高度关注与重视。

         从2012年4月2日,由全球最大自闭症科学与宣传机构、美国最大自闭症非盈利组织AUTISM SPEAKS(自闭者之声)发起、号召全世界的国家以标志性建筑点亮蓝灯的方式,唤醒社会对自闭症问题的重视,到2017年,全世界六大洲的136个国家有超过1400栋地标性建筑物点亮蓝灯。

         今年,“为爱奔跑 与蓝同行”落地2018提高孤独症意识点亮蓝色全球联跑苏州站,召集跑步爱好者和自闭症家庭一起,通过每个参与跑者“点亮蓝色”的方式,让社会各界了解、接纳和关爱自闭症儿童及其家庭。   帝硕科技作为社会的一份子,也加入到此次公益事业中来。