2018 Merry Christmas

2019-01-23 11:08:58 admin 1071

In 2018, happy Christmas to dishuo

Christmas to, ruixue piao, pieces of money to hold you; Christmas, wear a red hat, top good luck put you; Christmas, lights, many red luck to you. Best wishes for a truly merry Christmas!

May the cold weather freeze your sorrow, white snowflakes cover your unhappiness, the bitter wind blow away your troubles, Christmas fever burning your disease, peace of prayer hold your hope.

May you be energetic, healthy, healthy, cheerful and prosperous in your career!

I wish you all the unhappy have vanished into thin air, the future days of peace and happiness forever!

One year after another, Dan Yang rising a new day. Bid farewell to the old sad mood, usher in happiness and joy!