2018 annual review conference of dishuo

2019-01-23 14:08:57 admin 1215

To summarize the year of 2018,review and analyze the work and learning of the past year. 
Find uot the experience and lessons, sterngths and weaknesses,cear ideas for the next step .
Clear future goal, clear future direction !Joint efforts,"hand in hand to create brilliant emperor shuo"


Summarize 2018,look ahead to 2019!


Each department reports, reviews the year's summary and the lesson, for next year better launches the work to prepare

General manager

Draw lessons, improve working methods and ideas, avoid similar mistakes in future work, improve work efficiency and proficiency

Mr.wong speech

Identify problems, summarize, analyze, and draw lessons.

In 2019

Dishuo live up to the past, not afraid of the future!

In 2019, everyone should continue to improve their work efficiency and strive for better results!